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Advocacy in a Time of Anger

In donation and transplantation, we’re out in the community with a very specific goal: to save and heal more lives by helping folks say YES. Right now, there are many people who are out in the community for other purposes. For some, they are driven by hate. This is what I’m thinking about right now: […]

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Day Three: Staying Passionate, Positive, and On-point for National Donate Life Month!

Today’s tip is a part of my new “Say What?!” series, where I help you answer tough questions from the public about donation and transplantation. Many of you have probably seen the tragic story about the young man in Georgia, a heart recipient, who died in a high-speed chase with police. Sometimes, with stories like […]

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Merchants of Hope or Merchants of Tragedy?

Maybe it’s all the crazy fear-mongering of my particular local elections (I’m not linking to coverage because it’s not worth your time to read the nonsense), or maybe it’s the completely bonkers media response to Americans contracting Ebola (if you’re worried, these people could really use your money)…or maybe it was this article. An article […]

Slip of the

I said something really stupid a few weeks ago. And, really, I did it right. In front of a lot of people and with plenty of volume. Yikes is right. You would think that since I talk for a living (and write speeches for myself and *other people*), I’m pretty adept at choosing my words […]


No or Not Yet

Sometimes the things I write about are equally applicable to my personal and professional lives. This is one of those times. I have learned something as a consultant lately that I want to tell you about. It’s a tiny mistake in language that we all make at times, myself included. Sometimes I say NO when […]


Stop asking me if I pulled the plug.

You know it’s bad news when a neurosurgeon breaks down into tears. “She’s gone. I’m so sorry.” But my mother wasn’t gone: she was in that bed, right there. “She’s not going to have any more good days.” But she’s right there. She’s not gone. What are you talking about? “We did all we could. […]

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We walk again and again.

(Photo and graphic by Brianna Doby) I like Thoreau. Do you like Thoreau? Why do you think we all like Thoreau so much? This little piece outlines a few reasons why.  I prefer to think that as our culture feels the burden of so much noise, so much clutter, so much so much, that Thoreau’s […]